JX Fitness 1600 Commercial 4 Station Multi Gym

JX Fitness 1600 Commercial 4 Station Multi Gym


Upgrade your home or studio gym with this compact and affordable muti gym trainer by JX Fitness. Featuring a smooth aircraft-rated cable system and a 72kg/158lbs weight stack, your DS930 Home Gym has a multi-station set-up that allows you to perform a huge range of full-body exercises, including Chest Press, Pec Deck, Lat Pulldown, Ab Crunches, Preacher Pad for bicep curls, Low Row, Leg Extensions, Vertical Leg Raises, Dips, pull-ups, plus a high-performance Punching Bag to add cardio to your workouts.

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The JX Fitness 1600 Commercial 4 station multi gym is your go to machine for all your exercise needs. It is meant to fit into your home, studio, office, estate or small gym while taking up minimal space for maximum benefit. Its incredibly diverse 4 stations and 2 weight stacks allow for more than one user to train at a time and provides enough variety of movement for a full body workout.

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Full Commercial

Two Sets 70kgs Steel Weight Stack (26pcs x 5kgs + 2pcs x 4kgs + 2pcs x 1kgs )

13 Levels of resistance on each weight stack

2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables

70x50x2.0mm and 60x60x2.0mm heavy duty construction tubing

Deep padded seat and backrest padding

Dural powder coating finish

Multi-Station set up for

Power movements (chin-ups, knee raises, dipush-ups ups)

Chest movements (press, fly)

Leg movements (Leg press, leg extension, ankle strap and cable)

Back movements (lat pulldown, low rows)

Adjustable bench for bench exercises


Model: JX-1600

Weights: Two Sets 70kg Steel Weight Stack

Cables: 2000lbs tensile strength aircraft cables

Leg Press: 70kg total

Tube: 70x50x 2.0mm

Max user body weight: 140kgs

Assembly Size: 3320x2440x2300mm

G.W / N.W: 358.8kgs / 332kgs

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