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Wellness must become ubiquitous. We promote The Active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health. Wellness facilities are critical to stimulate health & wellness consciousness.

We offer unique and exclusive experiences of active & healthier lifestyles by Creating exceptional active environments (gyms) to home owners, apartments & complexes, health clubs, corporates, hotels, universities & schools, medical institutions, governments, uniformed forces(military & police), municipalities (outdoor facilities) among others.

Our competence & core skill set is WELLNESS ACTIVATION– gym equipment supply, designing, selecting, installing, maintaining and operating health & wellness facilities. What sets us apart is our belief in the importance of building healthy individuals, communities & nations through exercise & physical activity.

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Reconnecting Humanity to Wellness & Wellness to Humanity. A dependable wellness activator helping individuals, organizations, communities and nations to embrace wellness.


Our true passion comes from the desire to greatly enrich humanity through wellness promotion & activation. We are passionate about people and fitness.


We are selling wellness - a quality of life solution, a people-centered solution. Better quality of life addressing & arresting the global wellness deficit.

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