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The HI-ULTRA Air Bike has been specially developed by Impulse Fitness for HIIT sports demands. Adhering to the training concept of HIIT, the HI-ULTRA air bike helps trainers to achieve efficient, extreme cardiorespiratory ability and impact speed to acquire the explosive running ability and cardiorespiratory endurance.


HB005 Ultra Air Bike enables users to do upper-body training, lower body training and total body training. This type of cardiovascular training dramatically improves co-ordination too.

The resistance level is controlled by your movement speed. The faster your legs and arms move simultaneously the higher the resistance level you will experience. With the HB005 Ultra Air Bike, Impulse has designed the blade to make use of 30 – 50% more blades which helps you produce a wider range of watt power over any other Ultra Air bike on the market. Athletes, this one is definitely for you.

The graph above is a visual representation of the amount of resistance you receive from the HB005 at the same RPM as another Ultra Air bike.

The HB005 comprises of 26 precisely designed blades moulded into one piece making it quieter and more stable.

Tired of maintaining chain-driven Ultra Air bikes? The HB005 makes use of a redesigned V-belt drive system that provides a smooth and consistent ride without extra maintenance costs.

The ABS blades produce whisper quiet sounds, perfect for training at home or in a club. Couple that with the redesigned V-belt drive system and you’ll enjoy a smooth ride like no other!

The semi-packed simultaneous control crank is designed to reduce the risk of your shoelace getting caught up whilst riding. Additionally, the foot pedals core materials are aluminium alloy with fittings for your favourite cycling shoes.

Seats can be quite uncomfortable but the padding on the HB005 Ultra Air bike is phenomenal. It is shaped well and is designed out of a long-lasting PU foamed cushion.

The mounted LCD console has 11 built-in workout modes, including 4 custom HIIT training modes that will help you smash your fitness goals!

Whilst smashing your goals on the HB005 Ultra Air bike, you can synchronize your workout data in real-time using Bluetooth or ANT+. This opens up multiple avenues for tracking your workout, setting and completing daily goals as well as alternating your training programme to better meet your desires.


  • The resistance of HB005 Ultra Air Bike is controlled by the user rather than the machine. The user can autonomously control the intensity of the exercise (The faster the push, pull, and ride, the greater the resistance to overcome).
  • Equipped with a digital console with rich functions, 3 target modes, 2 intermittent modes, heart rate monitoring system.
  • PVC-covered pedal synchronization handle provides a steady point of motion to ensure safe movement and a comfortable grab feel.
  • PU foaming seat is designed in accordance with ergonomics to ensure the smooth output of exercise and make the trainers get more comfortable sports experience.
  • Double-sided aluminium alloy foot can meet the needs of trainers with different intensity (professional cycling shoes can be fixed).
  • Console Size: 5″ LCD Screen.
  • Programs: 3 Target Programs (Time, Distance, Calories), 3 Heart Rate Programs (65%, 75%, 85%) 4 Interval Programs (3-time interval and 1 distance interval).
  • Fan Size: 26 inches.

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